Are We Truly Sustainable, Globally and Individually?

Growing Demand Vs. Depleting Supply in every area of our lives – do we have enough for GenNext?

Are we aware of our every day decisions, actions and the consequences?

Is Not True Sustainability based on abundance, growth, happiness and joy?

Welcome to Laassya!!
Change starts from within!! And it starts from healing yourself from the past and negative belief systems, raising in vibration!!

Every person on the planet who is taking some steps towards finding or creating their true happiness; who have some degree of self-love; and who feel that they deserve to be themselves. If you are aware that there is more to your life and existence on this planet, but not sure how to change your life to live the life of your dreams, healing is for you.

Young adults, teenagers, adults having issues with education, career, inter-personal or social life, lack of direction and satisfaction in how they live, trying to lead more meaningful life, people going thru different stages of spiritual awakening, twinflames, divine partners, light workers, individuals who would like to progress spiritually and have authentic self expressions in life, balancing life situations and stress, professionals in highly demanding environment, going beyond financial needs for a meaningful career and life, who wants to ensure they have optimal physical, mental, emotional well-being as they age gracefully.

Healing is all about going deeper within yourself and identifying the core issues you have faced since childhood. Some thoughts, belief systems, someone saying something to you, an incident that triggered a severe emotion, bullying in the school, unidentified fears, grief of a loss, a health condition that runs in the family – the root cause can be anything. But these unattended, misunderstood emotions (thoughts, ideas etc) can result as a physical, mental, psychological dis-ease or illness. Healing is a process where you go within to identify these and heal from the root cause!

Thoughts, concerns, worries, emotions that are not in alignment with the true joyful you – a child like expression of self – can cause from severe trauma to road blocks in life. Any goals and desires that are in alignment with your true personality or your life path, might not be fulfilled with these blocks. They also result in Energetic and Physical dis-ease. With specific attention and healing, the blocks are removed and you can walk ahead with peace and joy.

Well, Love is our secret ingredient to resolve all dis-eases!! However, we need to package the medicine in different ways. It can be simply a counselling session, a deeper understanding of self through astrology, counselling and self-analysis, a past-life regression session, an exercise to clear fears and other negative elements from your mind and many other ways of doing the same thing. We might even send you some Bollywood or Hollywood music to listen to – anything works, as far as you assimilate what you need and clear what you do not need. Our sessions are joyous and comes in different colors focusing on Love – of course!

Healing deeply helps you to discover lost parts of yourself. Your hobbies, desires, hopes, wishes for this life time, aligning with people who are in your matching vibration, doing things that you enjoy, identifying and executing your life purpose… Life feels complete and peaceful than ever – when you discard unwanted baggage!!

How it works?

We use ancient knowledge base and modern understanding to offer a unique experience of deep healing. We make use of astrology and Tarot/ oracle reading, channeling and energy scanning, connecting with your inner child and higher conscious selves to identify core wounds and other aspects of your life so far. As we work, you naturally flow with the process. The most important advantage of working with us is that you learn to be aware of your own ego, heart and mind – a gift which cannot be bought by money but only gained through divine will and your true interest for self development.

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