Accepting, Adoring, Healing, Forgiving, Understanding and Let go of the Divine Masculine

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Accepting, Adoring, Healing, Forgiving, Understanding and Let go of the Divine Masculine


Time to Balance the Dance of the divine within and without

I am not sure if the order of the words in the title is appropriate, anyways it seems to be forming a cycle within itself. This is an article I wanted to write for the divine feminine.

I know lot of us have had anger, frustration, loneliness, fears, anxiety and most importantly loads and loads of grief on being away, not very-well treated, not understood, unanswered, un-cared for etc etc Рby the divine masculine. It can be so with divine feminine also in some cases, though mostly, it is the masculine who has been the runner. To ensure it is easy to read, I will use masculine as a gender and he is a reference through out this article.

My dear ladies, you have really gone through lots of pain, while trying to sustain and protect your connection with the divine masculine. Its natural to feel so low and un-cared for, especially for the kind of love you feel for him. And because you have most often broken every hurdle that stands in your path towards the divine union. We might even feel they don’t deserve us or they don’t want us or even it will be better to be off this journey and find someone worthy.

First, we need to understand, that this partnership is more for growth and divine embodiment and healing than for a standard married life. As we grow into this partnership, the difference is very visible to us.

Secondly, Imagine what he is going through. For a second, step into his shoes and see the world from there. He might actually feel as unworthy of you probably. Or he might be in the hardest of troubles, that we may not be even aware of. Or he might be unwell, in lots of other pressure, pressure to feed his family (considering most of the masculine twin flames are still married), attend to aged parents or children or many other demands. May be they are growing through much more intense cleansing process and unable to place themselves at all. Most of the divine masculine do not have the time, luxury or access to the online help available through social media and other places.

May be, they are so unsure of this process because, they are basically more into the matrix (we are the spiritual ones) and more into dealing with the 3D issues than us. May be they are in so much pain themselves that you are here and they are still not there, that they are into major addictions. May be they are thinking of killing themselves but unable to do that because of their existing commitments.

Please realize, how they are brought up in countries like India. Feminine is more empowered than men today, in legal, social and other environments. You know how legalities support women everywhere. And then the vows of marriage and other promises. They are expected not to cry, share their pains publicly, or be emotional. Society expects them to stay grounded, practical, strong and unemotional while all they want to is get away and find some solace, alone or in your arms.

Remember, they are us in another body. But more bound to the matrix. More challenged by the social pressure. More limited by family expectations. More threatened by financial situation and deliverables. More alone because of the strangeness of this connections and the decisions they have taken in the past. They are not the heroes from bollywood movies that we expect them to be – at least not yet :).

Please allow them some space, if possible express your love and affection. Send them energy and healinfemg while you can. Park your own expectations for a while and raise above all of them. They are not going to serve us. More expectations we have, more delay we face to unite. Clear all the baggage from your side and look within. Probably he might involuntarily park some of his templates with you energetically. Like the loving and perfect partner you are, clear it for them.

And empower yourself. Sustain yourself independently and become the goddess, with the strength of a lioness. He is going to feel it in him energetically, which will enable him to clear his own stuff. Stay open hearted and open minded. Laugh more so he mirrors you. Slow down and experience every moment – he will mirror you too. Let’s use it to our advantage.

Let’s grow beyond the typical doubts and paraphernalia. It will serve us both very well. Take advantage of all the online connections you have, build more, read more, watch more if necessary. But, realize your power and role in this equation and raise yourself fully. He will always mirror you.

Loads of love…


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  1. Mythili September 24, 2016 at 5:25 pm

    Rightly said…

  2. julie February 26, 2017 at 2:31 pm

    I think you wrote this article specifically for me!!! I am going to print it out and read it constantly as it speaks directly to me and my twin……… I am in USa, he is in India………thank you sooo very much for writing this.

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