Action from Heart or Action from Ego?

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Action from Heart or Action from Ego?

Looking back, I notice that whenever an action was taken from joy, passion, love, hope, happiness for self and others, integrity, truth etc, the path has been smoother, results amazing, and purpose solved.

Whenever action was taken (communication included) from the place of fear, doubts, lack mentality, low self esteem, limitations, calculations (not manipulation but more like being calculative), grief, longing, loss, hopelessness, worries, attachment, grief etc, there has been negative results – rollercoaster ride of running and chasing (on multiple levels), pain and everything.

This is one of the best lessons learnt – in the course of awareness – being aware of where the mind is acting from. Is it reacting or responding. Is it balanced or imbalanced. Is it confident or not.Then when this awareness becomes practice – and the realization that the ‘awareness’ sits in heart – or inner knowing/intuition/ soul path, then its easy to stick to heart observe ego. By observing ego, we can handle (not control) mind. When we know how to handle mind, its easier to understand the higher perspective and practice understanding, compassion, tolerance, and love towards ourselves and others.

And we practice these and more higher vibe energies, we are able to master ourselves and manipulate (read transmute/ handle/ change) our own energies – from negative to positive, thus becoming a powerhouse of self awareness and a high vibe being.

When this becomes our very being, we ascend to a higher dimension of being – literally and figuratively. We become ascended masters. When the ‘ego’ is broken this way, we are one with the universe and inherit the universe wtihin.

When we are one with the universe, we are one with source. There is no pain, no complaints, no issues, no lack, no negative stuff. We are light as it is.

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