Agnihotram is a simple, 5 minutes procedure (a holy fire ritual) performed at the exact time of local sunrise and sunset. Its a wonderful procedure that can un-pollute the environment and make huge positive impact to the world. Its an ancient procedure followed in India. It is looked at as a religious Hindu procedure but its actually a scientific procedure, there is nothing religious in it. You can google to know more about the several benefits of this procedure.

A couple of years back I started performing it and I truly love the result. It provides several benefits. I have taken breaks whenever I was not able to perform practically and that is really ok as long as when we perform we are doing it with love and interest.

If anyone wants to perform Agnihotra, I am ready to help them initiate it, the procedure, the process and other details. Please feel free to email me if you are interested. There is no restrictions – any one (no issues with religious belief, caste, race, gender, age, timezone etc) can perform agnihotra – above the age of 7, just to be on the safer side.

Some of the benefits are:
– it aligns you to the local clock of sunrise and sunset
– the mantras and sounds are of very high vibration and it helps to realign you to your own heart vibe – clearing the negative thought patterns
– its very easy to learn
– materials required can be procured in any Indian store anywhere in the world or can be bought online
– doesnt cost much but it feels great when we perform
– it can help regulate our mood and thoughts so definitely can be beneficial for blood pressure and other ailments.
– many other benefits to the environment

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