Am I worth it?

Am I worth it?

This is probably one of the questions we all ask often, or at least a few times in our lives. Am I worth it?

Am I worth being loved? Am I worth that house/ car/ job/ opportunity/ life? Am I worth that person who I love and would like to live with? Am I worth to be alive in this planet? and a million other things. I am not educated enough/ earning enough/ beautiful enough/ lucky enough/ charming enough/ successful enough/ talented enough.. etc for something…

Do I Deserve?what-deserve

I myself, have had this question in my mind a few hundred times may be. Until such a time when I realized, I am worth everything that is here on this planet – All of the beautiful things. That’s when I was awakened spiritually. I realized that my ego – which is supposed to be logical, rational, intelligent etc because it can analyze and compare and do all that to tell what is right or wrong in life – has always doubted if I deserve something.

However, my soul, which is nothing but pure light and love, and flows from my heart like an ocean or universe of love, tells me I deserve everything beautiful and wonderful.

Though this a global thing, in countries like India (where there are a million conditions in the name of culture), every male child and female child is taught about being worthy. Being worthy of someone’s daughter or son (your parents sacrificed their life for you), of a family (respectable family is the notion), of education (you are given a prestigious education), of a wedlock (again lucky that someone has agreed to have you in their family), of progeny (lucky you conceived and delivered or you impregnated – its the greatest qualification to have been in a relationship) – this list is endless.

And the masculine is tormented throughout their life – the scale of their worthiness is most importantly derived from their career success – how well they earn, what car they drive, how many houses/ cars they own, how well they have invested their finances (look at some of the bank advertisements – ‘Sar Utake jiyo’),

And feminine, previously were measured based on how they are able to reproduce/ cook/ take care of family etc and now a career is also added to their laundry list of things to be accomplished.

Well, the bottom line is, how worthy you are is dependent on how well/ how much you have ‘deliver’ to the near and dear and the outside world.

Seriously, is that it? Is that what life all about? Are we just tailor-made for our deliverables?

I don’t mean that we are not accountable for our lives and we are not to support anselfworthd take care of our near and dear. But I mean to say that that is something that must come out of love for them and ourselves. As we are overjoyed, our love overflows as beautiful and wonderful abundance to ourselves and people around us.Let me explain this a little.

As we are fulfilled from within, as we feel complete from within, as we completely accept the individual that we are, the wonder and beauty of what we are, the love and light and the darkness and ugly (well, what is light and darkness, ugly is another discussion) that we carry in our story and ourselves, when we are absolutely delighted about our bad things as much as our good things, as we adore ourselves as a wonder of the divine present in this body and soul – we are fulfilled with love.

lifeLove that is originating and flowing and overflowing from our heart chakra. Joy, freedom, expansion from the heart. Then every moment is just pure joy – at least most of the time. Then in that freedom, we follow our passion and do something that is beautiful and good for ourselves and the world around us, and that fetches abundance to us. Now we can still live an abundant live – but we are now fulfilled, not deprived in the core of ourselves.

We know that we deserve everything wonderful and beautiful in this world, the assets of this world is common property to each and every species living here. Therefore, we take abundantly, with love for ourselves and everything around us. Yet, we ensure we practice caution that we do not over-consume. We are delighted to share everything with every one, responsibly.

We know that everyone of us deserves every possible abundance in this world. Not because of your education/ earnings/ networth/ family or partner etc. Just because you are a wonderful divine essence born on this planet. Just because you are love manifest in a physical body. That’s about the only qualification to deserve your own love. Love yourself. You are worth it.

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  1. Anonymous July 12, 2016 at 12:20 pm

    Beautiful write up..

  2. Prayer 4444 August 12, 2016 at 5:29 am

    Beautiful explanation. We need to focus our thoughts on these aspects of "being" daily.I happen to come across an article on karmic relationships and explored twin flames union under that heading, I've never heard it before.
    I saw many YouTube videos and came across yours last night when you made the Radha &Krishna connection to it.I was intrigued, I follow Hinduism.
    In the Scriptures Radha&Krishna union does not seems to be a physical union
    So is it not necessary to have a physical union to change template of society? That is one of my questions.
    Thank you very much

  3. Swarna Lakshmi August 14, 2016 at 3:17 am

    Thank you, +Prayer 4444. Great to know your interest in spirituality and various aspects of it. As per Mahabharata and various other texts such as Geeta Govinda (A later text which is a very beautiful version of Radha Krishna's union) talks very clearly about their physical union. However, they were never married in the social context. For twinflames marriage is a ritual to announce the world that they are together, its not a contract. It doesn't commence their 'relationship', Twinflames come together in union and merge all their five bodies before and during a physical union. So a physical union is not necessary to change social templates, but it is natural (mostly) for the couple to be in a physical union. Unlike in a normal relationship where the physical relationship is a beginning of a deeper level connection, twinflames come together in the physical after their other 4 bodies are in union in higher conscious state. Therefore, its a complete meld and also a merge of their Kundalini energies. It is a sacred process which elevates them from human consciousness to higher consciousness after they break all the limiting factors of the society. Thank you. 🙂

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