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Polarities and Dualities

Some situations, some people, some challenges, some movies, some poetry, some books, some thoughts, some expression of human mind can alter one's entire life. It happens to all of us at some degree. We keep seeking answers in different ways as to why that happens. Some of us look at things like astrology etc, some [...]

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Why is it important to Heal?

Why Healing is so important? Healing is way different from treatment. A treatment is something when you address the physical, physiological or psychological symptom. Healing is to go deeper to the level of your DNA and identify the root cause and clear it. How do you do that? How can you clear your DNA? That [...]

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Harmony is always within, Its time to find it!!

Harmony between twin flames is like Valley of Flowers _ its always there, at times in full bloom but at other times under the blanket of snow. Its with the warmth of love, like the Sun, that we have to clear the snow and let the harmony always be in full bloom. Harmony between divine [...]

Accepting, Adoring, Healing, Forgiving, Understanding and Let go of the Divine Masculine

Time to Balance the Dance of the divine within and without I am not sure if the order of the words in the title is appropriate, anyways it seems to be forming a cycle within itself. This is an article I wanted to write for the divine feminine. I know lot of us have had [...]

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Destination: Spiritual Liberation

A lot of people pray every day that they should get liberation. Its thought to be a great destination. And when some one is spiritual, they are expected to be renounced. Or when some one says they want to spiritually progress they also fear it because it sounds like renouncing the world. So they don't [...]

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