Destination: Spiritual Liberation

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Destination: Spiritual Liberation

A lot of people pray every day that they should get liberation. Its thought to be a great destination. And when some one is spiritual, they are expected to be renounced. Or when some one says they want to spiritually progress they also fear it because it sounds like renouncing the world. So they don’t want to grow though they pray for it. Is that not confusing to read, its as confusing to the divine as to what we are asking for.
Others think it is something they will do after retirement. When you are old enough that there’s nothing else to do. For some others, it doesn’t look cool to be spiritual. And there’s still life to see before turning spiritual.
Let me disappoint everyone by decoding this. Whether or not you want you are always growing towards liberation, the difference is only awareness. Birth and death in the physical body is only a phase of experience soul goes through, but we are always alive.
Liberation is
  • not some thing to achieve one day but being simply aware
  • not about looking cool or hot
  • not being pious, devotional, emotional etc. Its simply being aware. 
  • not transitioning or transforming to be someone who is not what they used to be, read a facade that we knew of them. Its just being their true self and being aware of that. 
  • not if you are an atheist o belonging to certain religion or following a certain guru. 

Its being ones authentic self and being absolutely comfortable being that, with an awareness of that.

Its not about looking for a nice future because of something. Its just being ourselves in the current moment and being aware of that.
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