Energy of Love and Life Purpose

//Energy of Love and Life Purpose

Energy of Love and Life Purpose

Every one of us are born with infinite capacity as humans. Our minds are powerful. Our hearts are more powerful and its an ocean of love. Everything is energy. Then love is energy too. What can we achieve with such abundance of energy. How do we want to channelize that energy.

The first step is to realize what we hold within. The potential of who we are as a complete being. The potential of the soul that is omnipresent and is capable of creating vast universes and beyond. Its hard to accept that power. Its harder to accept that the power of soul is energized by love that we hold within. Where to begin and where to end. Where are our boundaries and where is the goal.

Goal is essentially specific, vision is more widespread and long term. The ‘term’ may not be within one life time, but a seed is sown and the legend is created, when the vision is based on love.

But to be able to envision, we must first accept the love. Its easier to accept hatred, criticism, failures, and than accept true success, love and acceptance that stems from these emotions. After all, after bitterness, sweet is sweeter.

Its hard to love, It is harder to love oneself after all the negativity – mistakes, misunderstanding, misjudgement, whatever… But when we conquer our ego that tells us to hate ourselves, we learn to love. Its just like bubbling lava of sweet love energy in heart. This love is not subjective, but it is the very essence of who we are. When we experience this, then it is easier to give ourselves permission to love oneself and others.

Its important to seek ourselves within with this love. And breakdown, seeing the inner beauty of who we are – cry out loud in acceptance and love. Its not the love of another, but the love for self – and love itself. We all have this potential and when this internal success is achieved, external successes are only the sweet extension of this expression.

This newyear (as per the zodiac) I wish everyone of my friends and loved one, infinite love for themselves and others – experience this wholesome love. That defines our success..


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