Finding the Soul in Everything

//Finding the Soul in Everything

Finding the Soul in Everything

They said ‘live your life!!’

Dont worry about the past, dont worry about the future, dont bother about who likes you and who hates you – Just live your life- they said!!

I often keep wondering, what does it mean – living my life?

What is living and what is life and what is me?

Living is experiencing – life is series of experiences and me is a soul born to experience and enjoy and learn and grow and then leave…

when do you experience, what is to be experienced. The moment experience has to be defined, I noticed that there is something that is beyond ‘me’. so if this soul has to experience, there is a need for another soul to give that experience. The second soul can be a tree, a river, a moon, a sun, a person, a flower – a soul can be anything. But if ‘me’ has to experience – there is always a second person.

So, unless I have a second person – I cant experience. When there is no experience, me is exhausted with nothing to focus – me sleeps, or me just closes her eyes and pretends to sleep… That’s better than sleeping you know – you have your mind that entertains you.

Then too much entertainment makes ‘me’a dull one – me wants try stopping the mind and see what is the next layer. Then as me goes deeper, me sees myself. Wow. thats a good one.

Now, then – thats done. What next! Again me wants to experience. So me needs another soul. But now that me knows myself, me see the other soul too. Me knows the second person is so kind enough to add that little bit of color and entertainment and experience for ME- how sweet.

So then, the other person is a soul mate. Whether they give her an experience of bitterness or sweetness or sourness or spice – they are soul mate. Because me knows the purpose of their presence in her life is only to give her the experience – nothing more and nothing less. Because me knows that which is ‘me’ is the same within the second person too.

Me rejoices in this learning – me is thankful to the second person – they are soul mate.

Yes,every single experience is given to ‘me’ by a soul mate – whether they look like the sun, the moon, a friend, a flower, the sky, a droplet of water, the ocean, the distant star, the person reading my article till the last (.). Thank you for the experience – I loves you.

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