Following our Life path, Following our heart, Aligning ourselves to the divine order

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Following our Life path, Following our heart, Aligning ourselves to the divine order

Visualize this, you travel to a different city from your home, you take a lot of effort to learn about the new city, its natural resources, places of interest, local news, eateries, place to stay and explore and much more. You certainly have plans to do a few important things, which form the central theme of your visit, it can be work, meeting people or learning or exploring canoeatsunsetsomething. Its something that you so look forward to because you have planned and wished f

or this for years and years and planned every moment of your time there.

You have made appointments with people that you want meet, work with and build relationships and offer what you have to. You may have made bookings at the hotel and other things, along with your other travel arrangements. You finally land in the city on the schedule time and start exploring and doing things that you are supposed to do.

Let’s say, as you proceed, you kind of get disoriented or distracted by unexpected events, situations people or options that you never suspected to occur. So now you have a fixed time of departure but you are distracted. And after a while you realize how much time and resources you have lost in these distractions and you feel restless that you have not yet completed your set mission – the key things that you wanted to accomplish during this journey. Wont you feel upset, depressed, angry with yourself that you allowed yourself to get distracted and walk away from your important work?

Now you cant extend your trip because its pre-planned. Only thing you can do is come back another time to continue the work and that is going to cause a lot of work/ pain etc.,

This is exactly what has happened to many of the human here. We have come on a visit to this planet and many of us were distracted by Karmic ties, unexpected distractions (caused by freewill) and other things that we may not accomplish what was our original mission that we have come here for. That certainly causes pain, discomfort, depression, anxiety and many other things when we realize at some point in our lives here, that we have not done what we have come here for!!

That’s when we plead God/ universe to help us and guide us to set us back on tract or else we may have revisit and that means so many other people (that we have agreed to work with) and other resources need to be adjusted and altered too. Its a hard thing!!

How do we know that we have not really accomplished our life mission?


Are you content with your life? Are you truly, fully happy and are able to live in the current moment? Are you able to enjoy your current life situations and relationships? Are you happy with your job or work that you do for earning your bread? Are you really living and doing all that you have been wishing to? Are your current relationships, especially the key relationships are healthy and everyone involved is happy – INCLUDING you? Are you feeling there is something in pending to your life, you have not yet experienced something, you have not yet done all that you wanted to, you feel you have forgotten something…?? Is your life, fully or partly, falling apart? Is some portion of you or the entire inner being of you, falling apart or you feel like you are losing it?

Many other symptoms might tell you that you have not been doing what you really wanted to do. And your inner consciousness is nudging you to pay attention to your heart – which is the place where you have registered, before incarnation, your true life mission, for this life.

“Therefore your Higher or inner conscious self is trying to get your attention, beyond all the distractions of entertainment, sports, day to day challenges of life and many other things – that you are forgetting something. It’s trying to remind you that you are not living your true purpose, your true passion, your true goals for this life.”


Why is my soul Not automatically making me do things that I am supposed to do?


This is the most tricky question here isn’t? Why automatically ‘they’, ‘god’,  ‘universe’ can make you do things that they want you to do.

Firstly, its YOUR life plan and the universe which you are obviously a part of, has agreed to assist you in what ever ways possible. However, as it is your journey and this particular planet is gifted with ‘free-will’, they can only remind you to follow your mission but cannot force you to do so.

Secondly, they do this, reminding and choosing not to force, out of infinite love and respect for you, because they love you, as you are a child of this virtual reality called the universe.

whySo, when we ‘surrender’ our Free-will to the divine will, with complete confidence, trust and love, the universe/ god takes care of redirecting us more and more towards our life mission.

Now, the way they do this redirection might not be easy lot of times. For instance, life and our self identity, as we know and built it, might completely be thrown out of balance or thrashed into pieces. Well, it sounds not so good isn’t? But trust me, when you keep surrendering all your pains, anxiety, challenges, dreams, wishes and everything that you ever thought was ‘yours’, they really take care and make you absolutely prepared for the real life mission. Make you focus, learn, prepare and plan and assist in such a way that you will certainly do what you have come here for and finally understand love, freedom, happiness and success, in true terms…

How? By simply aligning your ego, mind and identity to your heart. Your heart or heart center or heart chakra holds the key to the inner wisdom you have carried all along and with abundance of love, your heart, which is connected to the universal consciousness, directs you every moment of your existence here, towards your life mission or purpose

Loads of love and wishes to stay tuned truly to your heart.