Harmony is always within, Its time to find it!!

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Harmony is always within, Its time to find it!!


Harmony between twin flames is like Valley of Flowers _ its always there, at times in full bloom but at other times under the blanket of snow. Its with the warmth of love, like the Sun, that we have to clear the snow and let the harmony always be in full bloom.

Harmony between divine partners/ twin flames is not something that needs to be created. It’s been there always. When we recall our interactions, feeling home, natural affiliation, trust, love, telepathic communication etc, we sensed the real harmony during the bubble phase. Why do we want to unite with our twin flames, because we want to experience those again and forever. We knew it is natural experience. We always knew deep within.

And after that, when it was time clear our baggage, we found doubts, questions, distrust, disappointments, grief, fear and everything in between, popping in. That’s one we tried to be extra cautious, we even tried to extra nice, extra genuine, etc., Because our ego showed us that we might lose a connection which is so good and we doubted if we will again lose it. We thought ‘they’ or ‘god’ or the universe might take it away from us. ‘Get us’ for something, may be we are not destined for something so beautiful, Am I worth it? I am not the best version of myself, I am not this, or that or this is not the ideal ‘role’ or ‘title’ I want to be given… Its ok,┬áIt was us, yes.

But then, we started healing, the dark nights became less and less darker and we are aware of the pattern, we cleared the junk. Loads and Loads of it. Then we are still longing, still wondering, still doubting, still aching…

After watching a thousand videos, a few hundred article, befriending quite a few twins and comparing our stories with them, we are still unsure at times – May be the ones who are happy are blessed, may be they are here to unite and they have already united – Am I qualified, Am I good enough, Universe loves me a bit?

There is no reason for the universe to love us lesser than anyone else, as much as there is no reason to love us more than anyone else. We are the universe. We are part of the love that is wholesome and the ultimate truth. We are more respected and loved by the universe than we do ourselves from our ego.

Its time, we move away from all the baggage we have cleared. We have landed. Its time to stay grounded. Its time to be connected and be one with the heaven too. its time to channel the divine light on to the ground reality. Its time to Balance. Its time to settle down and be peaceful. A major part of our work is done already. Let go of all the grief. Let go of the stories. Let go of what happened decades ago, last year, several weeks back, last minute. You have cleared all of them. Its time to cleanse those energies of your hard labour and refresh fully and get prepared with the best costume of you – along with the best version of the real you.

We are now starting the other journey. With ourselves first. With our empowerment, knowledge, readiness, skills to connect with fellow passengers and most importantly – within. We have now gone past validations. Its time to rebuild. Restructure. Solidify the work that we are here to do. To create an environment which is the optimal ground for a harmonious living for ourselves and future generation.

Its time we found Harmony. Its not elsewhere. Its within. Always. Just close your eyes. Smile widely. Take a deep breath. There, you now feel Harmonious. When we are in harmony within, what happens outside, especially with our twin, is only an extension. When we are harmonious, we are truly in love with ourselves. With the divine within. With the universe, creation and existence within. We know that our work is only to be connected and to be anchored. The rest is taken care of by the universe.

Please realize the Harmony within. Its time.

Loads of love

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