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I Love to I am love

This may sound a strange title. Human race is constantly looking for love. From parents, friends, partners, family, children, pets, passion, hobby, external pleasures – everywhere. We are looking for love and recognition everywhere.

But this quest is never seemingly over. It is always there. We need love everyday. A child born needs love more than food, they say. Any mother would know how true is that. Children literally thrive on love. Can you imagine a child who is unloved and unloving. They are so wonderful and beautiful because they are so full of love.

But love, as we know as adults is a little different. It has lots of clauses attached to it. We seek some belonging there. If we love someone, we love because of some reason. Because they are friendly, because they are talented, because they are smart, because they are affluent, because they look beautiful, because they do something for us, because they have money, fame, status whatever.

Then when we find a partner, we look for all these in them, at least some of them. We look for security, material comforts, gains, looks, education, they belong to certain position etc etc., In countries like India, it could even be they belong to certain caste, certain family, because our family choose them etc., I am not against any of these, I am not judging. I am simply analyzing, having experienced all these myself.

So this is the kind of love we experience when we are adults. The innocent trust and loving nature of the child is totally not remembered at all.

Life goes on like this for us, not just one life, multiple lives, multiple timelines. However, when we are closer to self-realization, self-awareness, liberation from this planet or simply, when we are awakening to the divine within us, we shed all of our believes and practices about love.

All the clauses of love is literally burnt in the wonderful light of the divine. What we think love is, from the place of anahataego/ solar plexus chakra/ gut area now moves to the heart chakra. It is called ‘Anahata’ is Sanskrit. Anahata means, unhurt/ unblocked. Which means, it goes beyond any hurts caused to us, any blocks we may to love. It goes beyond any stoppages, any limitations, any challenges and just flows like continuous Niagara all the time. There’s no stopping that love.

So how does that feel. We feel so overwhelmed with love. We just want to keep loving. Everyone and everything. We feel compassion for beings who have hurt us, who have not been nice to us one way or the other. Animals, birds, nature, universe everything is so expansive. Not by sheer size – but by sheer joy. Sheer love.

So when I say I love, I dont mean to say I love ‘someone’. It just simply means I love. It actually means much more than that. I means I am Love. I am that, I am love. So instead of asking for love and approval from someone else, expecting love from someone, I love. Its like love flows from my heart like a non-ending energy. Yes, when love originates from our heart chakra, its not an emotion that we know, its pure divine energy. Light, wonderful, joyful. Love from others is like an add-on wonder to my already existing overflowing love. When we have that, we really dont need anything else. Everything finds us, everyone finds us, because everyone is searching for love 🙂

How can we experience that. We need to let go of the past, let go of all the pains and resentments. Thank people who caused those because that made us what we are today, we are beautiful and compassionate because of that experience. We will wish them love, we will wish them divine. And we love them without any condition.

And hence. I love, so I AM. I am LOVE.

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