Living Through the Heart Chakra! – A Channeled message

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Living Through the Heart Chakra! – A Channeled message

Many of the collective feminine (and masculine) forget that they are the divine in a human body, they are anchoring still in ego and this means that they are taking this journey personally. The separation, timelines, experiences, needs, social patterns that are to be broken to unite, what happens to others who are part of the couples lives such as children etc, how would the children perceive the twins and their judgement, social acceptance, acceptance of extended family, what happens to the current karmic partner are the causes of concern.

It is to be understood that, you are in such a situation, because you co-created it before incarnation. From our vantage point, the chaos in the world is not caused by these situations, they are caused by internal struggles of humans who are unable to match their internal true self to the external world. They give away their power by fitting into something that the society demands. They forget that the society is made of up people like them and it is not other way around. They forget that their life on this planet is a chain of continuous choices made by them. However when they choose from their limited understanding, fear, doubt, insecurity, external situations, others’s perspective, financial and other reasons they always end up in pain and more distress in life. Their internal disharmony is expressed in every moment of their life.

However, when you are comfortable with yourself and do exactly what you wish and desire, you are in internal harmony. Because, being comfortable and enjoying your true wishes are desires, that are stemming from self-love and not selfishness, are part of your human experience and life plan. If you look at yourself, your thoughts, needs and actions from the perspective of others and social norms you fall in ego and in extensive pain which lowers your vibration drastically. As long as you use this cycle for healing and letting go of which that is surfacing, you are progressing in your path.

Being heart-centered means letting go of low-vibrational judgements that are based on beliefs that you have incurred not only in this life, but several life times. Karmic clearance is nothing but letting go of such beliefs and altering your behavior accordingly. Whatever, emotions are residual, you simply have to forgive yourself from the point of view that you are divine experiencing life in human body. This is the key to clear your Karma and raising your vibrations.

In other words, judging your past and present and possible future events from lower vibrations cause you more pain because they are illusions that you are aware of and they do not hold true for you anymore. If you take decisions and act based on these illusions that are no longer true for your personal self – the mismatch will not lead to your next milestone but you are stuck in a place where you don’t belong.

What is the next step?

Being heart centered is your next step. Every choice in your life, when made from your heart will enable you to follow your soul path. When you are living from your heart, you do not accrue Karma, because every action is surrendered to the divine and every action is in alignment with the divine and the universe.

Universe is not apart from you. You are part of the universe and one with universe in consciousness. This realization will lead to surrender more easily and trust in the universe. For several thousand years, humans have suffered a ego based living which has caused intense karmic backlog. They unfortunately, are not willing to see that they can free themselves and believe that Karma cannot be resolved. It is not so, you can live here on this planet from heart, one with the universe without adding up to your karma.

Karma is nothing but impressions in your emotional body which is expressed and reflected through your ego. When your ego is surrendered, it expresses and reflects the soul truth. When mind is balanced it is possible to release the impressions in your emotional body thus relieving yourself from Karma. It is now possible because of the current ascension the planet is going through.

It is important to understand that hurt, anger, resentment, pain and other low vibrational emotions are present only when the consciousness is based in the solar plexus chakra/ ego. Love, on the other hand is an expression of heart chakra and when you raise in vibration you balance your consciousness in your heart chakra. Thus, you are called a heart centered being. Through heart you are aligned to the universe and thus flow with the universe and create your reality from the place of unconditional, infinite love.

Stay tuned to your heart. Blessings from the mother goddess.

(Sri Lalitha is a supreme goddess who is celebrated as the mother goddess of oneness. She is the consort of Shiva and is the Kundalini element in our body. Depicted here is the Sri Chakra, a sacred geometric symbol used to perform intense spiritual practices)

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