Polarities and Dualities

Polarities and Dualities

Some situations, some people, some challenges, some movies, some poetry, some books, some thoughts, some expression of human mind can alter one’s entire life. It happens to all of us at some degree. We keep seeking answers in different ways as to why that happens.

Some of us look at things like astrology etc, some of us seek logical reasons, some of us find it hard to even question them beyond a point. why are we a certain way – when we are unique, it is uncomfortable because we do not find any one who is able to completely resonate with us and understand us. When we are like everyone – at least trying to be- we find it difficult to follow the herd and be a false self.

Many a times, things we do seem to be the best at that point, but later it might look totally stupid. At times we do something so stupid that we do not know what happened to our brain, but we come to know later that it was a best thing to do.

Logical reasoning fails to follow the intuition – and intuition is beyond reasoning… At times it feels good to follow some guidance, at times it feels totally foolish to have done so, without knowing if the person is true or not. the institution that we follow, may that be religion, philosophy, thought process everything – is making sense or not.

And we finally move to a next phase, we keep wondering if we were right to be someone, to do something, to feel this or that, to act on one way or the other. That is when guilt, fear, pain, grief everything clouds our reasoning and heart or intuition takes a back seat.

Most of us are always oscillating between good and bad, right and wrong, logic and intuition, ego and heart. Then there is abundance and contentment, Joy and compassion, Surrendering and being in control, letting go and holding space, peace and patience, charm and calm, thinking and acting, giving and receiving, being and doing, composure and expression, maturity and child-like expressions, masculine and feminine, beauty and reality, forgiveness and assertiveness, elegance and strength…. the list is endless.

this infinite dance has to come to a balance. this balancing act is the most challenging thing for a human being I guess.

But we continue to learn, grow, seek and share. we hope, trust, believe and have faith. on that which is omnipresent and beyond human intelligence. Nature, universe, divine, god…

Balancing act!! Time we learnt it!!

Author: Swarna Lakshmi

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