Releasing the Past by altering the Perception of Roles played

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Releasing the Past by altering the Perception of Roles played

The happy memories are often easier to forget because there is not a question of forgiving anyone. The painful ones are often remembered forever. Why? Because when someone hurts us, even if we do not respond to them verbally, our energy alters at a deep level towards them. The pain that is caused to our emotional, energy bodies are like a twin blade. It certainly causes a certain damage to them as well. How do we fix this problem and release this past? Simply by forgiving them.

When I myself had to go through the journey of forgiving people, Universe made 9ab18aa88e858e60360091f17dd28bb4me read an excellent account of someone who realized how we play ‘roles’ in each others lives.To understand this, we need to look into a few spiritual lessons. We all are aware that, the soul that lives on in each of us is the same. The physical, emotional, etheric bodies are only seemingly dividing us as individuals. Therefore, we had to experience something as part of our soul growth and learning, another person (who is also us in another body), loving comes forward to ’cause’ the experience so that we experience the ‘effect’. When we do not understand this, we build Karma.

Therefore, it helps us a lot when we understand that the other soul has lovingly accepted to even accrue Karma (which causes loads of delay in soul growth) in order for us to ‘experience’ a certain thing in our lives.

Therefore, even when someone hurts us, it helps to raise our vibration (by love and trust) and understand that it happens for a reason. And the reason has a larger objective. When we understand and wholeheartedly accept this, it is easy for us to immerse our perspective in unconditional love and forgive ourselves and the other person.

When we forgive, our ego lets us to let go of that experience (lessons learnt, we forgive and let go therefore we forget) and raise further in vibration and release the past effectively.

However, it helps to remember this:


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