Releasing the Past by Analyzing Objectively

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Releasing the Past by Analyzing Objectively

It can be a major historic event, influenced by religion, racism, politics etc. It can be a personal event that happened in our personal life. A happy memory or a painful one. A gain or a loss. It could have happened to us or our loved ones – or even something that happened to our community/ ancestors/ someone in the family lineage. Or you might have come across this in your school as history. However, everything we experience make our reality. We practically live in that reality and like a child we observe everything that we come across.

We also take others judgement as our own without questioning. If our mom said, fire is unsafe, it may remain unsafe for ever. Even when we grow up, learn ways of handling it, a small tiny part of us still fears it because it is so deeply registered in our subconscious.

These instances have a deep impact in our lives and stored in the memory of our mind. It’s what enlightened/ assented masters, called as Karma bonds. Of course there is more to Karma, than just belief systems but we will talk about that later.

All these belief systems or memories or opinions make it difficult for us to let go of the past. When I asked someone why they can’t forget pain caused someone, why they are constantly talking and analyzing it after so many decade, she said there is a satisfaction in that. That’s a very honest yet very enlightening answer. Ego enjoys saying ‘I suffered’. It’s like a proud badge we often wear to say I went through something like that. Its great to be aware of this aspect of our minds which is happy to dwell in the past.

Then I worked with her to analyse it in a different way. We worked through objectively and learnt the lessons those incidents need to teach and then I told her to revisit the same memory, she said it has lost its charm.

Because the lesson was extracted as a fruit of that experience, the experience of dwelling in the past lost its charm for her. Then she said, she is no longer desiring to discuss that subject.

I will take another example, Independence struggle in India. Yes thousands and thousands of people lost their lives, this country saw unprecedented political trauma, unprecedented famine, loss of material and intellectual wealth. The story cannot be said in a year because its a struggle of nearly three hundred years.

We still assimilate related information, we still analyze who did what and whether or not they did right, we still regret, shed tears, refer to those times almost in all the circumstances. Our current political and therefore economical, social and other areas of life is still heavily rooted on those struggles. I at times feel, we can really let go of some of those pains. We immensely thank those fighters. We take the lessons and their sacrifice. We wish them a good growth as souls and wish they are blessed wherever they are.

But beyond that, is it not time to look at this country beyond those three hundred years. It has a much longer history, much deeper intellectual and cultural richness which can be rebuilt much more effectively. We let go of the negativity of the struggle while uniting as humans under the umbrella of brilliance it stood for. Lessons that can be learnt are managing unity while accommodating diversity, trust, responsibility, integrity, common goal, common platform, sacrificing inferior selfish motives and adopting optimism and love for oneself, their own family and expand that to the country and the universe. Lessons also include going for real value than consumerism, being rooted in knowledge than materialism, empowering villages, every human and thus a very a strong and sustainable atmosphere.

Once we truly analyse and learn these lessons, the freedom struggle will cease to be an object of mass karma and pain, but a unavoidable and natural event that occurred to bring in balance and harmony in a then weak and divided nation. Those three hundred years and times before that led to new opportunities to rebuild this country. Its in our hands, and a real possibility when we release the pain of that.

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