Releasing the Past by Choosing to Forgive and Let go!

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Releasing the Past by Choosing to Forgive and Let go!

What we carry in our minds, in our lives is our choice. We may choose if we carry wonderful forgive-and-let-gogems in our baggage or unwanted clutter, but how do we know what are gems and what is clutter? A lot of times clutter looks like invaluable gems until we really come to face them, they only deserve a place in the dust bin. At times events that we forced ourselves to forget, may resurface in our memory bringing a curve of smile in our face.

Often, we need to ask these questions. Who do we want to remember, why do we want to remember them? What is the objective of remembering them or remembering the events that happened with them? Is it a happy memory, something that is really worth cherishing or something that needs to be let go, forgotten?

The past could involve only us too, then the question is why do we have to remember our own life events, the ones that we wish didn’t happen.

Often, we recall happy memories when there is a trigger. For example, if someone gifted us something, when we see the gift, we recall the happy times with this person. This happy memory is naturally a blessing to both the parties.

However, the painful memories are recalled without any major trigger – or any other painful event might trigger this memory adding a double edged sword to our current trauma. This, then becomes a curse to both the parties – figuratively.

Why? Because every hurt caused is caused both sides, just like happiness, everytime we hurt some one, there is a pain registered in their mind as well. There is at least a little bit of guilt or shame attached to it, along with fear that one day, they may have to repay.

Doesn’t that sound like an endless cataclysm of pains, Yes, it can be. Unless we choose to alter it.

How? Only by analyzing the situation and COMPLETELY forgiving it. The moment in time, people involved, the result of that negative emotion and our own selves because somehow we have also triggered the situation, simply because of our vibrations.

How can we forgive someone who has caused so much pain? Well, the choice is ours, if we dont forgive, we are going to register that in our memory and carry it beyond life times and make it a unwanted clutter in our karmic baggage and our emotional body. It will eventually filter itself into energy body and physical body causing physical illnesses/ diseases – Dis-Ease – starts from dis-ease with the emotion boiling down to the physical body.

You dont believe that? When was the last time you tested your blood pressure. Do yourself a favor and check your blood pressure twice – once when you are in a normal/ happy state of mind, and then once when you are in a painful state caused by a painful memory from the past.

See the variations… I rest my case.

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