Releasing the Past by Embracing the Future!!

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Releasing the Past by Embracing the Future!!

We have our dreams! We know what we want to become. The destination is always known to us. When we are asked in the middle of a million challenges, we might be blank for a while. But when we are connected to our core of self, our heart knows what exactly we have come here for.

It can be anything from learning something, working on something, creating something, organizing something, validating something, achieving something. It can be physical, emotional, intellectual or even a soul level growth, personally. It can be political, religious, philosophical, spiritual, financial, social to the masses.

For example, your goal or mission in life is to ‘create’ a economic system where debt is eliminated or the pressure of debt in reduced, then it is ‘intellectual’ for you. When you create a system that reduces the pressure of debt really in practical life, almost every human in this planet will benefit out of it. It is financial and social. It can even lead to major breakthrough in political, philosophical aspects of your own life and everyone. Because, when we don’t have large debt pressuring us (credit cards, home loans, other loans, business loans, medical loans, educational loans etc), can we imagine the drastic amount of positive change to human race? Wont suddenly people will stop running behind money and start looking life with a little more enthusiasm. Wont they start helping others because the amount of insecurity on their shoulders is really reduced? Wont they start doing things that are good for themselves and others instead of closing down every beautiful thing so they can pay their debts every month?
So when we know we want to create something in the future, that our soul desires, how do we really make that future a ‘reality’? By embracing it, believing in it, by visualizing it, by accepting it as a possibility, but most importantly – by altering the direction of lives’ steering wheel towards that destination.

How do we alter the direction? By understanding what we need to c
arry with us to reach our destination, what transport, what kind of a map, what direction, what pre-requisites to reach our destination and of course, if we are smart, we will get rid of things that we dont want or wont suit us in the new destination.

Just like you wont need clothes of Antartic in the Sahara, we will not carry the burden of what we don’t need or cannot accommodate in our future. So where does your past fit it? When you can just carry a memory card with a few key points to the presentation at office, why would you plan to carry an entire library with you. It is unnecessary, inefficient, unorganized. In a real life demanding presentation scenario, will you have the time and luxury of reading through a library of books in front of your clients?

Think about it, you know, if you have to welcome a positive future, past is a burden. List out the lessons in a document and let go of the unnecessary data. You are now smart, efficient and future-ready.

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