Releasing the past by focusing on the current moment

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Releasing the past by focusing on the current moment

Why do we all miss our childhood? Our school or college days, Our teens or early adulthood. Whenever we think of what we are, we fall back on to the period of our early life. We might have had challenges and problems even then, but we always want to ‘go back’ and day dream or talk a lot about ‘what we were’.
The older we become, the fun of younger days seems more beautiful, dreamlike and more worthy than our later years, however happy and successful we are in our later lives.
Why do you think we miss our childhood or early life so much as why do we relate more to those days than ever?
That’s because of two interconnected reasons. One we being more and more ourselves in our early lives. Our parents, in spite of correcting and conditioning us, loved us and let us be ourselves.
Second, because we were being ourselves, we allowed ourselves be in the move-oncurrent moment. We never missed our childhood so much when we were teenagers, we only wanted to ‘grow up’ more but never missed the past. Because we were fully focusing on the current moment. When we were with friends, we were more completely with them. When we tried new things, we truly tried them with more involvement. Our curiosity was more true and complete, our wish to ‘grow’ not just in age but as an individual was natural and pure.
But as we moved into adulthood, we were more and more conditioned by the society. Society need not love us the way our parents loved and it can be more critical, though absolutely invisible. Thanks to the social norms, we missed out our true identity, our true selves in the process of trying to be ‘successful’ and ‘fitting in’ and ‘grow up’ or own a house, be in a relationship, own a better car every next year etc and we lost the core identity of who we are.
We are constantly searching for ourselves, in the caves, in history, in jungle safaris, in literature, in movies, sports everywhere. without realizing that by only being in the current moment can we find ourselves. Only by following our heart, our childlike innocence, our true passion and simple desires can we be in the current moment. When we are ourselves, all our external pursuits add to the fulfillment of what we are and let us enjoy what we have in the current moment. Fulfillment grows naturally when we are in the now. Its simple not as complex as spirituality.

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  1. Manickam C July 9, 2016 at 6:19 am

    Well said mam. Nicely narreted.

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