Releasing the Past by Understanding the Bigger Picture!

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Releasing the Past by Understanding the Bigger Picture!

A bigger Picture?

We often wonder why are we here on this planet? Why do we face certain things in our lives (unlike biggerpicture
others)? How can we understand the purpose of events, our own characteristics, our needs, our ambitions, our disappointments, our people etc? Why are we born in a particular geography, family, circumstances, challenges etc?

The answer comes not from scientific labs but from going within. By understanding things that our normal practical logical mind may not be able to understand. Then how do we understand such things?

Through our heart!!

See what truly resonates in our heart. To understand what it means to resonate, we really need to release judgement about ourselves and others and simply watch what ‘feels’ right in our heart.

The bigger picture is that,

  • We are not here by accident
  • We are here for several reasons
  • We may have karma (promises made in different lifetimes, certain contracts for a purpose etc) with certain people (Especially close relationships, family, close friends etc)
  • We have planned for lessons to be learnt in this life time, as part of our soul growth
  • In order to learn this lessons and most importantly ‘experience’ certain events (both positive and negative) as a soul, we have chosen a life path.
  • The life path is pre-determined, pre-planned and accordingly, other people have agreed to play roles in our lives and we have also agreed to play roles in their lives for their own journey
  • We are all travelling towards a common goal, however, our paths are different – so are our timelines
So when we understand the basics of this big picture, its easy to understand that we are here for a reason and everything is directed by the universal intelligence/ energy accordingly to the plan. We are part of this universe, therefore, we, by design, attract people, situations and experiences in our lives as per our plan.
Astrology (I mean the comprehensive, detailed astrology – not the sun sign or the moon sign predictions that are generalized) can really present the high level map of why we here.
However, in order to truly experience our journey (as per our customized map of pre-planned life), we need to stop being a prototype of a fear based, limitations based society we live in.
It happens to everyone; the ones who are able to live a sustainable happier lives understand the big picture and adapt. Others often are clouded by the circumstances and surroundings and never realize what is happiness and true living.
By understanding the big picture, its easier to release and let go of the past, while understanding the lessons clearly and be truly a free being. This is how astrology has helped me in my life. It will certainly help you too.

What is your bigger picture?

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