Why is it important to Heal?

Why is it important to Heal?

Why Healing is so important?

Healing is way different from treatment. A treatment is something when you address the physical, physiological or psychological symptom.

Healing is to go deeper to the level of your DNA and identify the root cause and clear it. How do you do that? How can you clear your DNA? That needs some deeper understanding.

Your DNA is your database of your existence on this planet. This life, many past life times – when the extra strands, 12 in total instead of just 2 as found in a scientific experiment, are activated, you can go to the point of creation itself, yes that is not easy to understand with the mind , which is a tool given to you to use in the solar system. Imagine you have always lived only on this planet multiple times. Then your mind is the database of all the info that you have accumulated over multiple life times. Good bad and ugly in every single lifetime.

And how do you ‘access’ this database? Your DNA, of course. And your DNA has more than just your stuff accumulated. It has your parents, their parents, their parents – the entire forefathers stuff stored. Remember, you took 23 chromosomes each from your father and mother when you took your physical body for this planet. Therefore, the entire lineage data is present in your DNA.

So what do you do when you literally have every single ‘transaction’ – in other words the vicious cycle of ‘belief systems leading to thought patterns leading to actions and results and of course Karma’ – is overflowing sh** in your DNA – sorry that’s the best way I can describe that.

You know the belief systems that we grow up into as children are not valid as adults and in each life time we learn our lessons and let go of some of them. But there are still many many accumulated beliefs resulting in limited brain functioning (that’s why we do not even use 2% of original brain capacity) leading to very restricted, dysfunctional and disoriented and disabled life. So imagine, the load that you are individually gifted by your ancestors. In my work, and my own healing experiences, I have learnt that we are our ancestors and their beliefs and stuff over 98%. This is what our gurus and scriptures in Sanskrit call ‘Janma vasana’ or ‘Karma imbalance’ etc.

Light workers are born to go through the healing cycles based on their spiritual awakening and so are other awakened people. But It is very very essential to realize that everyone has such beliefs imbibed in our DNA from multiple sources which are based on fear, social structures, false ego issues, anger, resentment and many other unreleased ego patterns which completely debilitate you from expressing yourself freely and happily, as you were intended by the divine.

So until, each of us take a personal responsibility to heal ‘holistically’, know that you are actually a kinda ghost of your collective forefathers living in this physical body. In my spiritual work, I have learnt that our forefathers are so looking up to us to heal and grow so the DNA is healed and they can come back to live their dreams as per their own karmic cycles. They are very thankful to us when we break falsities and live our truth because that is exactly what they want us to.

Why is it so important that every one of us heals themselves? Because beyond our ego, we are one in consciousness, our minds are connected. So when one person heals and raises – their vibration raises, their body- cells – DNA – vibrate higher causing them to anchor in heart consciousness. Which means that a light is lit in darkness. More the light, less the darkness. More people align to heart, the planet ascends to higher vibration and hear consciousness leading to a completely different and peaceful way of living. In truth lives the divine, even if the truth is unaccepted by the society – isnt? Like Tiruvalluvar says in tamil – “Ella vilakkum vilakkalla, sandrorkku poiya vilakke villakku” -meaning for the divine, not every light is light – the one that speaks the truth is the light.

Seeking blessings and thanking ancestors as we are all in that Karmic cycles enabled by the zodiac to find and live our truth and light in this physical body. That, actually is the kingdom of the heaven on earth.

PS: North node Rahu moving from Magha (Star of ancestors) to star of healing and removing poison (Aslesha). Next six months is gift of the divine to really heal ourselves, individually and collectively and learn to live our truth from heart.

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