Laassya Sustainable Solutions is a private limited company founded by Swarna Lakshmi. The organization focuses on sustainability as a paradigm shift from profitability. It’s a heart based conscious effort to bring about a positive change to this planet and her inhabitants. We believe that the change starts from within. Therefore, our first solution that shifts us to “Totality in Sustainability” is to shift from within.

Engage with our healers to energize yourself completely and find the authentic you. Its a journey within yourself.

We envision a world where all species co-exist in natural harmony with the universal order, thereby nurturing sustainability within and without.

Our guiding principles to bring about a truly sustainable life are based on the belief that:

  • change starts from within; stemming from the shift in internal seed of consciousness manifesting outwardly and expanding to the entire universe;
  • the shift in consciousness results in internal wellbeing (mental, emotional, energetic and physical), manifesting as external sustenance, rooted in balancing the resources of economy, environment, ecology, and other facets of life; and
  • solutions be practical, simple, efficient, environmentally friendly, economically feasible, and sustainable for now and in the future.
  • Heal Individuals, Communities, Organizations and Systems
  • Explore the deep knowledge base, from ancient and modern systems to identify sustainable opportunities
  • Assist and Enable Individuals, communities and organizations to bring about a change in approach and shift to sustainability
    The change starts from within

Our mission is to create, design, engineer, and deploy integrated solutions that are sustainable for individuals, communities, organizations, and the ecosystem that each interact with and hence, positively impact.

The integrated solutions that we empower our clients with, include:

  • Holistic healing packages that are based on ancient wisdom and modern sciences
  • “5-pillars methodology” that enables organizations to continually improve and enhance sustainability within all areas
  • Offer customization and consultation for clients based on their unique sustainability needs
  • Integrity
  • Non-violence in all forms
  • Equal opportunity
  • Trust
  • Freedom
  • Passion and Happiness
  • Balancing long term sustainability and immediate needs of change and growth

Our Philosophy

The consciousness that is omni-present expresses itself as infinite possibilities around us. Every thing is inter-connected with that consciousness, the illusion of separation is caused by Ego, for the soul to ‘experience’. This self-realization helps us raise our vibration and be in alignment with our consciousness rather than ever changing ego and mind. Our work is based on this philosophy.

We are working to create solutions that are practical, simple, efficient, environment friendly, economically feasible and sustainable for now and in the future.