I wanted to thank you from the bottom of heart for your time and the amazing reading you provided today.

I strongly felt some force pushing me to get in contact with you about my journey and to connect with someone who would understand me without any judgment and to guide me in this life changing circumstances i am going through. I was expecting you would get down to a generic reading but was totally amazed how you started the reading by going to the root issues of where my actual pain was coming from.

I cannot explain you in words how relaxed i feel after so many months of despair.Everything has started to make sense and i am so hopeful for the future.The astrology side was amazing too with the limited information that i had about our time of birth. Looking forward to your healing guidance.

K Khan, Sydney, Australia

Swarna is known to me for more than a decade but we have spent more time in the recent past. her ability to read horoscopes , her perspective about understanding a soul’s life purpose and the way she was healing me and my emotions were the main reasons which made me feel that she s a lady with quality in everything she does….may she be bestowed with more of such abilities to help people in particular and  may the universe shower her with more such abilities which she is consciously using towards uplifting the mankind and make them reach the milestones more consciously…

Karpagam Sridhar, New Jersey, USA

Swarna is a gifted person. She really helped me in making me understand what the Universe is trying to teach and the importance of forgiving :-). I am working towards that and I already feel light and happy. I truly believe that she can help all who needs channeling and needs guidance in leading a very happy life. Very lucky to have known Swarna in this birth and I wish her all success in this new endeavor in helping people and making this universe a very happy and peaceful place to live. Thank you Swarna! Hope you are successful in reaching out to the people who needs positive channeling in getting back their meaningful life. This is an awesome humanitarian effort.

Sathya Sridhar, USA

I recently had a one to one astrology/ counselling session with Swarna Lakshmi on my divine partnership connection, In the beginning i was a bit shy and nervous in sharing my personal story with an unknown person but as soon as the reading session started all the nervousness and anxiety was gone.It felt like i was talking to a family member plus the guidance i got was stupendous.I was surprised to see the power which divine science holds. I find myself much more relaxed, balanced, focused and I now know how to handle the issues regarding my concern in a better way. Most of my doubts are cleared and I am balanced emotionally and mentally to a great extent after the session. One should definitely give a chance to this science.

Rahul Anand, Pune, India

I would best describe myself as open minded person with healthy skepticism.I was not sure what to expect from mini healing program I did with Swarna for 21 days having no specific issues per say.I was merely following my instincts with guarded  curiosity.I was very pleasantly surprised by the concepts I was introduced to and deep insight into barriers that I was not aware even existed.The channeling session I had with Swarna was an absolute gift from Universe.I had such deep sense of peace,calm and knowing that I am loved beyond measure.I came out with a sense of deep gratitude that the Divine has my back and nothing can stop me.Such experiences are beyond words and come to you by Grace. Swarna is exceptionally generous with her time and energy to give you such amazing experience.

VidTri, USA