Laassya or Laassyam (Sanskrit) refers to the elegant dance of the divine feminine. What is the goddess known for? Love, compassion, nurturing, growth, optimism, fertility and well being. Her dance, encapsulates all these and more. We are simply grounding the divine energy dancing all around us and within us, happily to the reality of life in this planet.

As we awaken to the reality as spiritual beings experiencing a human existence, we realize our own true potential when we heal our layers of grief, pain, doubts, fears and every other dust that covers human existence. It is simply a choice we make, to live sustainably.

For us, Sustainability goes beyond economic, political, environmental possibilities and stability. It starts from within. Like they say, we choose to start with ourselves. We choose our own well being, do what we enjoy the most for living, and extend a helping hand to help others.

Honestly they do. Better than many systems created by human because we are still experimenting and these are systems that have been in practice for ages. We are simply re-discovering the wheel. They have worked for us and we welcome you to give it a try.

  1. Please go through our healers’ profile and how we work
  2. Take a minute to read our terms of service to understand how we work
  3. If you are in a Twin flame/ Divine partnership dynamic, book an appointment with Swarna Lakshmi for a single hour reading or for a tailor-made healing schedule. All her skills are listed in the solutions page for your reference. You can choose recommended number of hours in one go or book appointments, at your convenience.
  4. If you are an awakened individual and looking for assistance in your journey (dark night of the soul, healing process), you are welcome to book a screening session with Swarna Lakshmi and on identifying the actual assistance required, you can create your own road map with her during the call.
  5. If you are looking for a general astro/ tarot reading, you can book an appointment with Swarna Lakshmi for one hour. We follow vedic astrology.
  6. If you are looking for healing your physical body first, you may book an appointment with Nilanjana Krishnan
  7. If you are looking for a comprehensive healing that focuses on all aspects of healing, you may book a combination of appointment with Nilanjana and Swarna, on our screening call, we will work with you to determine the number of hours required with each healer.
  8. You can alter the number of hours you would like to work with each healer, in their respective appointment pages.
  9. Once you have selected the number of hours with each healer, you may click the cart link to find your total number of appointments.
  10. Now you can go ahead and buy the selected hours and pay through paypal
  11. If you would like to talk to us before booking you are welcome to email us at sales@laassya.org
  12. For general questions, you may write to admin@laassya.org
  13. If you are looking for resources and joining our forum, you can watch our recent youtube channel or our facebook page .