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Why Us?

  • We understand the healing journey and the milestones very well, having gone through the process ourselves.

  • Our practical, simple, step-by-step approach helps you to understand the process and yourself better. Change and growth is very visible every week.

  • We empower you to create a deep awareness about your experiences, priorities, life path and choices so well that you learn to balance your many facets fairly well. Our intention is to make you as aware as possible.

  • Our healing programs are designed based on ancient references to spiritual awakening and growth (twinflame path), deep understanding of practical challenges that are based on cause and effect, Karma theory, impact of thoughts on practical life, our own personal experiences and the experiences of our valued clients.

  • We are certified experts (wherever feasible or necessary) and practically experienced in many skill-sets that we put to use for the benefit of humanity. We use Astrology, Tarot and oracle reading, channeling, practical counselling, meditation, Reiki and other healing tools for deep and intensive healing.

  • Healing is part of our life purpose and we take it very seriously.

  • However our sessions are usually fun-filled, interactive and customized for you. We use video conferencing for our session which make it convenient for you to choose your atmosphere and time. You will feel rejuvenated and joyful after our program, because that is our focus.

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