30 Minutes Astro – Tarot – General Consultation With Swarna

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30 Minutes Astro – Tarot – General Consultation With Swarna


How to make the best use of your 30-minute consultation with us?

  • Please have your list of questions prior to the session
  • Ensure you log onto Skype/ Gtalk+, a couple of minutes prior to the scheduled time (to account for connection delays or any other anomalies) an the session will begin promptly.
  • It is very important to note that your Higher self is the guiding authority as to what information is shared with you during a session.  It is your responsibility to take notes of what messages are being channeled.
  • We tune into your energy and seek permission from you, your higher self and spiritual team.  So it is also very important to be open to share and receive information.  Please open up freely during the session to the reader/ healer to make the best of your sessions. There will be absolutely no judgment from our side and our reading and information is maintained strictly confidential before/ during and after the reading. Most of the time the reader/ healer/ channel will not remember your details once the work is complete. At times we take notes of key points so we can refer for further work.
  • In case of cancellations or change of time, please email us at least 24 hours in advance.

Delivery mode: Video calls only using Skype or Gtalk+. Please read our Terms of service page before booking an appointment.


Our Astrology + Tarot and Oracle reading is a quick study of who you are, what you are here to do and how can you find solutions to your questions/ other life situations. We also discuss key healing areas and steps towards holistic healing and any specific questions. Please note that we do not compare horoscopes for match making or any other related questions. We also do not see life expectancy of a person as a policy. List down your questions for tarot reading which is usually as guided by your higher self or intuitively chosen by the reader to give you the best information.

We need your date of birth, time of birth (accurate to the minute), and place of birth (city/ village/ town).