One-One Hourly Deep Healing Work With Swarna

//One-One Hourly Deep Healing Work With Swarna

One-One Hourly Deep Healing Work With Swarna



Book as many hours preferred for your reading/ healing schedule. On receiving your booking, we will work with you to create your healing/ reading schedule based on your own individual need.

Swarna can assist you with:

  • Your overall mental, emotional, energetic and physical well-being
  • Astro/ Tarot/ Oracle reading to understand yourself from your higher-self perspective and identifying your highest potention
  • Ascension support, if you are awakened
  • Identifying core wounds and historic thought patterns and blocks and healing them deeply
  • Ancestry healing and DNA level energetic healing
  • Inner child issues
  • Any energy blocks and chakra clearing
  • Connecting with your Higher self and channeling guidance that you seek for your internal growth
  • Choice of general or twin-flame healing

Your session will be delivered through pre-scheduled skype or gtalk calls on one-one basis.