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Laassya is an organization that genuinely wishes to create opportunities for sustainable living. All our services provided currently and in the future are purely based on divine will, divine gifts, genuine unconditional love for the planet, and values of compassion and service.

Payment and Service Terms:

  • Video sessions conducted on Skype, Google hangouts, FaceBook messenger (in the order of preference)
  • Audio sessions on Free Conference Call Conference Bridge (available in select geographies only)
  • Specific phases of the program MUST be on video only so that energy can be read by the healers
  • For our 3 months and 6 months packages, we offer payment option in installments. You are welcome to connect to us if you need any clarity in this regard.
    • 20% non-refundable down payment at the time of signing contract
    • 50% payment at the end of half of the schedule
    • 30% payment at the end of 2.5/ 5.5 months as applicable for 3 month and 6 month engagements, respectively
    • Discounts will be offered on select packages for clients who pay us in one installment during enrollment. Please contact us for the specifics.
  • Mode of payment can be via Pay pal, direct bank transfers, checks, and Pay u money
  • In the event of your absence or withdrawal from the program, you will be responsible for the pro rata share of the program or services delivered, including the 20% non-refundable payment as mentioned above
  • Laassya reserves the right to update, alter, remove, cancel the program, in part or fully, if at any point we feel it is not advantageous for the program/ Laassya/clients to continue. If this happens you are only responsible for the pro rata share of coaching services received, including the 20% non-refundable payment as mentioned above.
  • All the programs will begin only after both parties have signed the Program Agreement, which will be sent to you on your booking the program with us.
  • All our services are aligned to people who are able to understand the deep spiritual concepts of how these services are built upon and can do their inner healing based on the suggestions and recommendations provided during the program. They choose to experience our programs purely based on their own freewill and interest. They are also in a position to communicate and understand normally and they are expected to continue their normal medication and other medical attention seriously. Laassya, or our healers or other members of the organization are not responsible for how clients perceive our services, their practical well-being and how they are taking care of themselves or their overall wellbeing, because we are only facilitating healing solutions here based on alternative healing principles. We always advocate, ONLY positive and responsible methods of healing in a slow and steady manner for the participants.

General Terms:

  • This page serves as a guideline and Terms of Service for our services and also serves as a disclaimer. We request you to practice compassion, patience, faith, integrity and open heartedness when approaching Laassya for your guidance and healing.
  • We are channels of divine will and not personally responsible for your healing path, degree of success and failure, satisfaction and other parameters of service. We are conduits of divine guidance and will. As healers we genuinely support you and assist you in the best way possible and guided by the divine.
  • Our healer (s) are attuned/ trained/ certified in healing modalities such as Reiki, health coaching, etc., from reputed teachers and institutions. However, certain specific skills and gifts, have been gained through spiritual awakening, divine intervention, and what we call as ‘downloads’. These skills and gifts are in turn used to help humanity and the planet as a whole. No formal certification process exists currently that “certifies” some of these healing modalities.
  • However, the results of our work can be experienced by people who are working with us for their own healing needs. We use deep psychic skills/ gifts such as Astrology, Tarot/ Oracle reading, Channeling, Past life regression, communicating with your Higher self/ spiritual guru or guides/ God/ Ascended masters you believe in, emotional healing techniques, prayers, meditative techniques, yoga poses or activities that are suitable for the individuals.
  • Every customer/ group is approached differently based on their unique beliefs, circumstances, exposure, emotional intelligence, attitude towards growth and healing, and other parameters.
  • We DO NOT promote any specific religion, religious beliefs, spiritual path based on our own preferences and ideologies. Neither are we connected to any spiritual organization to assist them in their path. We are independent light worker(s) who have our own spiritual milestones, which are evolving and we assist clients based on this guidance.
  • We are in the process of registering Laassya, as per the legal systems of the land. Our services currently are limited to Counseling / Coaching, Healing, Divination and other related areas. Detailed descriptions are provided for each service we provide. You are expected to communicate respectfully towards our healers/ coaches, stay focused on healing, and the guidance you receive based on divine will, and not to indulge in any unwarranted, disrespectful, personal, racial, or any negative activities while you are dealing with members of Laassya and its other clients.
  • You are requested to understand the depth of work we do and that we do not have any personal agenda or private gains by doing our work.
  • It is important to note that we are NOT responsible for any physical/ mental/ emotional ailments you have currently or may incur in the future.
  • We are NOT here to completely heal diseases/ illnesses/ mental – emotional conditions experienced before, during and after the course of our healing services. As these are aspects of your existence that go far into the unknown.   We as healers cannot practically heal all of them, even if you work with us for your entire lifetime.
  • Please note that your healing progress is based on your own willingness, life plan made before birth, commitment to be the change you wish to see and actively and sincerely following the divine guidance you receive.
  • NONE of our healers/ readers will EVER ask you to stop your allopathic or any other medication or medical intervention you are currently taking or are advised to, by your physician / medical practitioner. Those choices are based on your own discretion and what your doctors / medical practitioners advice.
  • We are not responsible for any physical discontinuation of your medication and resulting physical/ emotional/ mental conditions.
  • Our healing modalities and solutions are ONLY SUPPLEMENTARY to your physical treatments/ medication – NEVER a replacement.
  • If you have any conflicts of interests or constructive feedback to offer, you may directly email to admin@laassya.org. Any legal challenges/ concerns/ issues, etc., must be directly addressed to the Laassya team. In the unlikely event of legal issues, they will be handled in the local jurisdiction of Tamilnadu, India.

You are welcome to seek guidance/ clarification by writing to admin@laassya.org.