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One-One Consultations with Our Healers

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A Few Options for Healing…

Astrology and Tarot reading with specific questions related to self-growth, spiritual growth and related areas. Please note that we do not use astrology for match making or related areas. This is our joyful effort to help you identify with your deeper self. Astrology is a deep science and Tarot/ Oracle reading is divine tool to connect with your super-conscious self and divine energies.

Our approach to astrology is way different from how usually this science is used. We help you understand your planetary positions and how they impact you. We also assist you in understanding how to take positive steps towards a better reception of cosmological energy and how to optimize life generally with a better understanding of who you are. This helps, very importantly, in understanding the life purpose and thus aligns you to the natural life path that is specifically defined for you before incarnation.

Please note that we do not use these divine sciences for any negative intentions or purposes. Also, it is purely for interacting with your higher conscious self and divine energies and for NO other purposes.

Your Healer: Swarna Lakshmi
Recommended number of hours: 1 hour

Emotional and energy body healing helps individuals help you clear your karmic/ emotional baggage.  These sessions are joyful and deep analysis using various tools. Explore the many options available to see what our intuition has in store for you and how best you can clear your emotional baggage. These solutions systematically approach emotional and energy healing – using many tools and techniques such as

  • energy reading
  • self awareness exercises
  • self-analysis
  • core-wounds
  • inner-child issues
  • Reiki energy healing and chakra clearing etc.

We also use astrology, Tarot, channeling and similar tools as we feel guided during the session. Prayers, attunement to the divine and your higher self consciousness helps us a lot in identifying and resolving issues.

Your Healer: Swarna Lakshmi
Recommended number of hours: 18 hours

Laassya’s Comprehensive Healing is for individuals that wish to achieve optimum well-being in all areas of life, namely, physical, mental, emotional, energetic and spiritual.   The focus will be on balancing, harmonizing, and healing habitual negative practices related to thought patterns, core beliefs, nutrition, physical activity, and other patterns of behavior that take us further away from our heart’s true desires and dreams.

These comprehensive healing schedule include an in-depth analysis of the 5 different layers (or koshas) that make up the individual.  Our unique approach combines many different modalities and methods derived from ancient wisdom and modern science, to bring in a comprehensive solution for your optimum wellbeing.  Our solutions are tailored for your unique needs and comprise of many tools and techniques such as, energy reading, Reiki energy healing, chakra clearing, astrology, tarot, mantras, prayers, channeling higher self, etc.  We also explore several conscious living strategies such as, self-awareness; self-analysis; mindful eating; appropriate food, nourishment, and physical activity for your body type and interests; relationship with self and others; uplifting spiritual practices; etc.

Your healers: Swarna Lakshmi and Nilanjana Krishnan
Recommended number of hours: 26

Food that not just satisfies your taste buds but also provides you with balanced nutrition while you enjoy a healthy and fit life-style, doing everything that you wish to do.

Your food, heart-felt physical activity, stress management, joyful interactions with loved ones are at the center of your well-being. Explore how you can optimize your physical life living your fullest extent

Your Healer: Nilanjana Krishnan
Recommended number of hours: 12 hours

Past life regression therapy would help you identify mental, emotional blocks and other challenges stemming from a past life time.

Your Healer: Smita Garg
Recommended number of sessions: 1-3 sessions

Our Healers

As a heart based health coach Nilanjana can identify your body type, blood group, nature of work and other practical life style variables and assist you to balance nutrition, guilt-free eating habits and joyful life practices. Weight management, mitigating nutrition based illnesses and preventing conditions through practical life style changes are her specialty.

Some of Nilanjana’s skills and areas of work

  • Certified Health coach
  • Certified Reiki healer
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Smita can assist you with deep counselling and optimized past-life regression sessions that can identify core wounds that go deeper than the current life time. This also helps in clearing patterns that attract illnesses and dis-eases that have a deeper root cause.

Some of Smita’s gifts:

  • Certified Reiki Healer
  • Certified Past-life regression therapist
  • General counselling
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Some of Swarna Lakshmi’s gifts and areas of work:

Self-awareness is the greatest gift that can be offered to one soul to the other as we work together. Through her many gifts, Swarna can work with you to identify your own individual personality (Self-awareness program), through many tools and counselling. She can assist you to identify your limiting beliefs, inner conflicts, life-purpose and challenges to be mitigated to achieve a holistic personality. Her deep healing services can help you walk on the path of ascension and happiness much faster.

  • Certified Reiki Healer
  • Vedic Astrology – profile reading and individual life purpose analysis.
  • Tarot/ Oracle card reader
  • Clear Channel/ Clairvoyant
  • Ancestry pattern (bloodline) analysis and clearance
  • Inner-child experiences – Analysis and healing
  • Twinflame journey – counselling, healing, clearance and advancing on the 7 step ascension path.
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Reach out to us if you need assistance to choose the right solution or you have any questions on our service offerings

Enjoy your freedom to choose how you heal!